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Article Archive

The Energy Cloud

How to envision tomorrow’s electric grid.
We are in the midst of a technology-driven shift in how electricity is generated and managed. Today’s one-way grid is gradually being transformed into a multi-directional network that relies far more on small-scale, distributed generation.

Clean Energy and Utilities Are Merging

The transition to green energy is coming but it will be anything but seamless

Will Coal Get Left in the Cold?

As with any economic transition, changes in the energy line up are unsettling, bringing both hope and pain.

Will the Campaign Rhetoric over Climate Change Heat Up?

As industry grapples with climate policies, presidential contenders are positioning themselves to targeted audiences.

Real Life Drama Unfolding in Blankenship Trial

The trial is not about politics. It’s about whether the law was broken. The impact will go beyond the energy sector and to the rest of corporate America.