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Article Archive

State Utility Commissioners at Ground Zero

At issue in this new environmental paradigm is whether the states will take the lead, or the federal government. And nowhere is that more relevant than the EPA's Clean Power Plan.

That Old Musk Magic

Is Musk's battery better than a back-up generator?
Plenty of people do, judging from the reaction to Elon Musk’s media event announcing “Powerwall,” a home battery system. Powerwall would join SolarCity in Elon’s double trouble for the utility industry (when he isn’t building cars and colonizing Mars).

Enron's Lessons

Are regulators managing market manipulation?
Some will stray from ethical behavior. But markets must be regulated to maintain confidence.

It's Time for a National Debate on Fracking

No wonder the American people are confused. The fossil fuels debate just sounds like another partisan political campaign, but the stakes are huge, with the US’s economic and environmental future may be hanging on this issue.

A Tale of Two Technologies

Uncle Sam didn’t frack this one up.
I love the story of fracking because it proves a lot of truths about how things get done. This is a tale of huge success and dismal failure, and it has a moral: Public-private partnerships can work.