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Video: EZ-EV, Electrification 2018 1

EZ-EV, an Exelon subsidiary was at the Electric Power Research Institute’s Electrification 2018 International Conference & Exposition held in Long Beach, California August 20-23.

PUF’s editor-in-chief Steve Mitnick caught up with Exelon subsidiary EZ-EV CEO Michael Kurzeja in a video interview. With Kurzeja were EZ-EV alternative fuels project manager Tony Haring; content and social media project manager Sol Betesh; and International content development project manager Cecelia Norris.



Michael Kurzeja: We have a group of services and products that we white label for utilities to increase the adoption of electrical vehicles in their territory. This is our team.

We're actually an Exelon venture. We just got our Series A funding. We've been working within Exelon's territory for the last eighteen months, but we're now presenting our package of software and services to utilities across the country to help solve the biggest problem that they have, which is consumer education and outreach.