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TVA's CEO on Hiring Vets

NRECA hosted this year's Vets in Energy conference last Friday.

Among those addressing the hiring of vets - the compelling benefits, programs and remaining challenges - was Bill Johnson, CEO of Tennessee Valley Authority.

You weren't there? That's ok. Below are two brief vids of what Johnson said:


Business is getting a little hard. I also think it's gonna get a lot more technological. And here's where I think, perhaps, veterans have an advantage, particularly the ones who are coming out in the future.

Historically, the armed forces have been way ahead of industry and technology. Right? You think about war fighting today. Drones, you can see where the enemy is before you engage. So, I think a lot of the skills that are current in the military and the technology space are directly applicable.

By the way, I agree with my colleagues here. We're always going to need truck drivers and wrench turners and all these kinds of good paying, skilled craft jobs.

So, I think we have plenty of opportunity for jobs. But I think it's going to be a little different skillset that we're looking for.


One of the ways you [veterans] fit into the current strategy is you will bring us diversity.

Anybody watching the PBS thing on Vietnam? Yeah, I was around in those days. But there was a great episode talking about Roxbury and Southie in Boston.

Roxbury, the African-American community. Southie, the white-Irish. In Boston, these people hated each other. They got to basic training and they hated each other. And they got into a foxhole at Vietnam and guess what? Your point, right?

So, that is something you can all help us with. That's part of your strength.

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