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Connecticut’s Consumer Counsel, Excerpted

“All of us are on the edge of the frontier right now. There’s something going on in electric that’s never happened before. Anyone can be an expert if they devote enough time and energy.

For example, JR [staff economist John Viglione], whom you met, has spent a lot of time working on electric vehicles.

He educates us. He knows enough about them to hold his own with most people who are in the EV world because he’s keeping up with grid mod. Grid mod is another example. We have a grid mod docket going on in Connecticut right now. What does that even mean? There’s not one definition. So we got some expert help. They came and did training a couple of times.

We’ve done some training for the office, so we all are learning together, and we’re all educating each other. I think that raises our game collectively because we try not to be siloed. I think the best practice I’ve instituted is not something everybody likes. Every morning at 9:45, we meet, and we stand in a circle. I call it morning meeting. They call it circle time. Everybody talks about what’s going on in their day.

You can throw in, my kids are driving me crazy. Or, the dog is sick. Or, whatever else. But the focus is the issues you’re working on that day, and what issues you may be grappling with.”

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