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Up and Coming: Andrew Minikowski

Excerpt from “Cyber Threats, Emerging Defenses” by Connecticut Office of Consumer Counsel’s Andrew Minikowski, in December's PUF:

“Hartford has a storied history of breakthrough innovations in manufacturing, technology, and public policy. The first written constitution in the Western Hemisphere, Samuel Colt’s introduction of interchangeable parts into the modern assembly line, the world’s first bicycle factory, the nation’s first traffic safety laws, and the use of medical anesthetic all have their origins in Hartford.

The city recently found itself, once again, exploring solutions to one of our society’s most important challenges: the protection of America’s utility infrastructure. On October fifteenth, utility and energy professionals, utility commissioners, consumer advocates, security entrepreneurs, and other government officials and stakeholders convened at Upward Hartford, an energetic shared workspace for tech start-ups, for its inaugural Utility Infrastructure Security Conference.

Although a dreary New England damp reigned outside, the mood inside the conference was luminous as attendees from around the world arrived bright and early, with inquiring minds eager to explore the complexities of utility security.”

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