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Article Archive

Geotargeting: More Analytics, Less Infrastructure

Efficiency as the best path to relieve a stressed power grid.
To relieve pressure from a stressed power grid, owners of commercial buildings should turn first to analytics to boost energy efficiency.

Rock the Rooftop: Wellinghoff's Plan to Set Solar Straight

The case for utilities to own solar generation behind the meter within their own regulated service territories.
Former FERC Chair Wellinghoff: let utilities own solar behind the meter, within service territory, with rate base treatment.

The Polar Vortex: Was Gas at Fault?

An interview with Frank Brock, gas market expert at ICF International.
Natural gas industry expert Frank Brock, ICF International, reviews the Polar Vortex (winter 2014), and why gas and electric markets are out of sync.

Planning for GHG Regulation

When carbon gets priced, generators will face tough decisions.
Renewables win and coal loses in a carbon-constrained future. Scenario modeling lends insight to capital planning and resource strategy processes.