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Article Archive

Don't Fear the FERC

Four steps to minimizing energy trading enforcement risk.
Market-manipulation violations can bring civil penalties and disgorgement losses. Energy traders can mitigate FERC enforcement risks with four straightforward (yet effective) steps.

Category Error in Northeast Markets

Negative consequences from New York ISO’s mitigation exemption test.
New York ISO's mitigation exemption test is intended to address generation market power concerns. But when the ISO applied the test to a major transmission project, it committed a category error that has caused enduring damage in Northeastern markets.

Fuzzy Bright Line

State laws challenge FERC Order 1000.
States have passed laws to bypass FERC Order 1000 and its reforms favoring incumbent grid developers. Could those laws themselves fall under attack?

Benchmarking Storm Restoration

Superstorms call for superior responses.
There's no such thing as an average superstorm, and every situation requires a unique strategy. But data on utilities' performance in response to major storms helps identify best practices -- and lessons learned.

Value Co-Creation

Partnering with customers in a new energy enterprise.
Utilities are no longer a one-way business. The industry’s future growth will be found in value co-creation with customers.