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Article Archive

Clean Power Plan Formalized

Steeper carbon cuts required but states have more time to comply
Can the Obama administration successfully guide its newly-formed Clean Power Plan through the legal system? While the regulation is despised by coal-related groups, others are applauding it –– calling it a huge step forward to boost both the economy and the environment.

To Reach Our Energy Future

The day may come when customers actually love their utility.
The new initiative from New York state – Reforming the Energy Vision, or “REV” – will redesign the power grid, making it more secure, efficient, resilient, and economic for electric utility customers.

Let's Have Full Disclosure on Harvard's New Health Study

And why it so closely defends the EPA that helped to fund it.
A recent health study provoked a sharp divide between advocates and contrarians on either side of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. On one hand, no one in the major media has questioned the study’s claims. On the other hand, contrarians just want full disclosure from all the relevant parties.

Energy Firms Up-In-Arms Over Congressional Treatment of Ex-Im Bank

If the bank dies, a number of potentially positive energy ventures will also wither.
If calmer heads prevail, the Ex-Im Bank should get reauthorized. However, if political mindsets rule the day, the bank will go down in flames, and take with it a number of potentially positive energy ventures.

Nuclear Fusion is Ideal. But How Real?

The science first must be conquered, then the costs.
If scientists are ultimately able to achieve success with nuclear fusion demonstrations, the result would be the production of 10 million times more power than a typical chemical reaction, such as the burning of fossil fuels. Lockheed Martin and others are hard at work trying to do just that.